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Empowering Our Community

Addressing climate change requires action by all members of our community.  The City of Sunnyvale recognizes our role in supporting and engaging the community throughout Sunnyvale. This online scoreboard and playbook is one of the ways we are doing that!

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Play 5.1 Enhance Community Awareness and Engagement

Enhance Community Awareness and Engagement

The City of Sunnyvale is dedicated to supporting grassroots community engagement strategies to create stronger connections between neighbors. This supports resilient communities in the face of climate threats and emergency preparedness.

Play 5.1: Enhance Community Awareness and Engagement

Online Resources

The City of Sunnyvale is working to provide the community with tools and access to information to take individual climate action.  The City is aiming to create online resource tools and best practices databases for the community and small businesses to use, such as electrification resources, carbon emission tracking tools, and increased communication via social media. Silicon Valley Clean Energy's (SVCE) eHub provides a one-stop resource for electrifying your home, business, and transportation, including trainings, DIY resources, and access to qualified vendors.

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Play 5.1: Enhance Community Awareness and Engagement

Engagement Across Sectors

The City of Sunnyvale has implemented the Sustainability Speaker Series since 2017, which hosts experts that cover topics from air quality to food access. This program has engaged between 70-125 people per event over the last four years.   

Additional efforts will include piloting a youth climate classroom program and developing relationships with our largest employers to collaborate on climate action.

Play 5.2: Track and Share Data and Tools

Track and Share Data and Tools

Increasing the accessibility of the City's climate action data is a key Move in the Playbook. The City now publishes an annual greenhouse gas emission inventory report to support our data tracking and transparency goals. This Scoreboard is also a key tool used to evaluate and share out progress on climate action. Now our community can interact with our Playbook and discover key actions to take to help the City achieve our emission reduction goals.

Various bubbles showing the different greenhouse gases that are considered in the inventories. CO2 is the largest bubble followed by CH4 and N2O.

Be Part of the Solution!

Opportunities to Get Involved

Check out SVCE's E-Hub
Request a free street tree
Get rebates and tips for water conservation
Discover your roof’s solar capacity and your potential savings
Sunnyvale Urban Forest Advocates